Do I need an adjustable comb?

With the addition of a custom rib we suggest our customers implement an adjustable comb. This will keep the head raised up the to the same height as the rib to maintain a level head alignment for heads up shooting.

What are the advantages of heads up shooting?

You put your head in a position where you are looking out of the center of your eyes with your head level. Good ergonomics are important with shooting. The ProRib allows you to see completely around the gun.

How do I choose the right rib for my gun?

This is an individual preference. Our customers find a style they like at a height specific to the needs of the shooter. We have many styles to choose from and are happy to aid in this decision if necessary.

Will the addition of a ProRib change my point of impact?

With the use of a parallel rib the point of impact will not change. If a change is needed we offer a ProTaper that can change the point of impact by either raising or lowering as needed.

How is the ProRib installed on my gun?

We have a few options available. You can ship the gun barrel to us and have it professionally installed by ProRib for $40.00 (plus shipping and handling).

Will a ProRib permanently alter my gun?

No! ProRib is attached with 3M VHB double sided adhesive. It is a strong bond that not only holds the rib in place but also disburses heat transfer from the barrel to the rib thus keeps the eye above any heat waves.

How long does it take to get my gun back fully installed and ready to go?

Typical turnaround is approximately 2 weeks, depending on design and finish. There are stock ribs that can be ready sooner if requested.

Frequently Asked Questions November 12, 2019