Years ago I would stand behind a squad and wonder why the targets looked so clear and slow yet when I would mount my gun and call for a target it was a streak of orange going mock 4. I thought about what was the difference was? I thought about how your eye is in a different position so I mounted the shotgun and raised my head completely and I could see the targets as I did with out a gun, and that was the beginning of my rib building.

We are a family owned and run business. We are avid trap shooters and hard working Americans who want to share this great product with others in their quest to improve their shots and scores. The ProRib is a game changer, it is light weight and custom made for any gun. Here at ProRib we are committed to providing a quality product with personalized service in a timely manner. These are custom ribs made individually and specifically to fit each barrel. We have many colors sizes and designs available to customize your shot gun while improving the guns performance. We have done our research and tried many ribs and this level of quality and design is sure to make you the envy of the club. Customer satisfaction is key and here at ProRib we welcome your input and feedback please feel free to give us a call and discuss your visions. Our main man Scott has been a gunsmith, builder, and inventor all the while shooting trap. He has years of experience and know how to customize your gun so give him a call or just place your order and we will have you enjoying your ProRib in no time.

About Us November 12, 2019