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IMMEDIATE performance improvement.

aftermarket shotgun ribs proudly made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA

Stock Ribs


Many different models available – custom designs available to fit your taste.


Shooting with a ProRib will eliminate your blind spot under the gun.

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Each rib is custom made for you.  Any size or configuration available.

Many ribs models available.
Custom designs available to fit any taste.

The ProRib products are made by shotgun shooters – for shotgun shooters. We ensure our ProRib aftermarket shotgun ribs are made custom for each order.  Every size and configuration is available to you through the order process.  The ProRib aftermarket shotgun rib products are made from aircraft grade aluminum, making them light weight AND durable.  Our ribs are the perfect addition for novice or professional shooter.  They are easy to install and remove, have adjustable points of impact and eliminate the blind spot under your gun.  We will even install it for you, upon request.

Pro Rib USA

ProRib, the light weight AND durable rib that provides you with maximum precision.

The ProRib Benefit

  • Our products are made for shotgun shooters – by shotgun shooters
  • Each rib is custom made specifically for each individual – Any size or configuration available
  • Light weight yet durable – made of aircraft grade aluminum
  • Custom finish
  • Our ribs stand out above the others making them an attractive addition to any shotgun from the novice to the professional shooter
  • Many different models available – custom designs available to fit any taste
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Adjustable point of impact
  • Shooting with a ProRib will eliminate the blind spot under the gun
  • Ribs come with a Bradley front bead and a silver or brass mid bead at no additional cost
  • Other beads available upon request
  • Our ribs come with a textured to rail to reduce glare
  • State of the art CNC machining
  • Fast turn around time
  • Customer can send the barrel to us for installation or we can ship rib to customer
  • Anodized or cerakote finish available in many colors
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Worldwide shipping available

Customer Reviews

“Was struggling on the trap line scores had dropped decided to have a Prorib added made some adjustments to the comb scores started to get better couldn’t be happier with the results ended up adding ribs to the second barrel of my combo SKB and my back up gun as well THANKS ProRib it’s more than fun again to shoot with the confidence that came with the ProRib!”

“This addition to my shot gun has made an amazing difference in my accuracy. I am so pleased with my Pro Taper it is light weight, easy to shoot with and makes my gun look great too.”

“We really like your work, your ribs are the best by a long shot.”
Bob Schultz @ Target Shotguns

“Nice job on the Pro Taper ribs, you have a winner and I’m sure I will be sending you more work from other shooters. Nice job on the Pro Taper ribs!”
Daro Handy

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Aftermarket Shotgun Ribs

Enhance the performance of the shotgun you use.

Increase the value of your shotgun.

ProRib has a large selection of aftermarket shotgun ribs for sale. Our custom made to order aftermarket shotgun ribs will enhance your shotgun’s performance. Using a custom shotgun rib will allow easy conversion of your low rib gun to a high rib gun and instantly increase your shotgun’s value.

Customize your aftermarket shotgun ribs.

Our aftermarket shotgun ribs come with options including adjustable shotgun ribs, comb hardware, recoil pad adjuster plates, recoil reducers and general gunsmithing. All of our custom aftermarket shotgun ribs come with options for cerakote coating, available in a variety of colors for further customization of your shotgun.

We want to ensure your receive the best quality rib that exceeds your expectations. For the best experience while ordering your customized aftermarket shotgun and to ensure utilization of our custom order fulfillment, please complete our shotgun rib order form after you browse our aftermarket shotgun rib options. Do you have questions or further specifications? Great! We love helping you get the most out of your custom aftermarket shotgun ribs. Please feel free to call us anytime, Scott will help you walk through your customized ordering process.

If you are looking for a great holiday gift for the firearm lover and collector in your family, a Cerakote coating is a thoughtful and practical gift offered by our gunsmith at Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI).

Aftermarket shotgun ribs, accessories & services available for you:

Maximize your shooting performance.

ProRib’s custom aftermarket shotgun ribs deliver you immediate performance improvement. Our ribs eliminate your shooting blind spot under every shotgun. We understand your individual modification needs and shooting needs, and have tailored a completely customized system which allows us to customize your shotgun rib order. We only begin building your customized aftermarket shotgun rib after we determine the size, configuration and coating you want.

Choose an aftermarket shotgun rib that is best suited for you.

While you are shopping our custom shotgun rib selection, please remember to consider height. While the most popular height for a custom shotgun rib is 3/4″, we understand you have your own specific height preference, and we want to match that. When considering a height preference, please choose a height which will allow you to keep your head up and your eyes level. In order to estimate your custom height: close your eyes, mount your shotgun, then open your eyes to see if your shotgun is lined up for you.

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